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Join the team of hikers who’ve shared some of our most treasured trails with the HikeBVI community. Each tour offers a distinctive culture, history and natural environment, including species of flora and fauna which are unique to our islands. Our expert guides will show you this in a way which takes you far beyond the experience what you can imagine.

Whether long-distance or short tour – everyone who sets our tours ablaze will be thrilled by the beautiful natural landscape of the B.V.I. And the best part is is doing it with those you “treasure” the most.

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Pineapple Field

This trail is ideal all year round and features the only pineapple farm in the BVI. This hike begins with an enjoyable walk where you learn about the local flora.

Bamboo meadow

Tucked away from the rest of the island the Bamboo meadow makes the explorer feel like they have entered another world. 

Mount Alma

The Hike to Mount Alma can leave you breathless not just by the physical challenge it poses but by the epic view you can only see at its very peak.

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We are committed to providing world-class trekking experiences for our guests that go way above and beyond the mass-produced tours so common today.

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